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Marklin trains

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Other models are housed in glass display cases and are in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. "I think we have all gauges represented here," Collier said. The oldest of the trains date to about 1900 and are from the United States, Germany, France and Italy. The toys are quite detailed, Collier said, with some depicting people in dining cars or lying down in sleepers. Others have engineers looking out the windows. Before we research into greater depth, consult this source on the American Flyer trains, read today; there is definitely some genuinely incredible American Flyer trains content that can be found here.A major part of the exhibit is a collection of objects from the Marklin train factory in Germany, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Marklin items include some elaborate European railroad cars, boats and even a submarine. "The submarine is stranded, but it's there," Collier said. This is the sixth year the Campbell Museum has sponsored the toy train exhibit, which was started "to do something for Christmas," he said. The trains are provided by members of the Atlantic Division of the Train Collectors Association. "These are all people that just enjoy playing with trains all through the year," Collier said, and their ranks include a department store manager, an undertaker and other professionals.

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Krysia Diver: Trains, pains and a takeover deal grip Germany | Business | The Guardian

'Of course we wanted a takeover, because the only alternative was insolvency,' said Franz Jordan, union chairman at Marklin. This was a far cry from the dent in pride that Germany suffered when its trophy company Mannesmann was taken over by the UK's Vodafone in 2000. On the swings and roundabouts of foreign takeovers, Germany could be forgiven for gloating over Linde's recent acquisition of British industrial gases firm BOC. Marklin is said to have 95 per cent brand awareness in Germany, and according to Dr Mathias Hink, chief executive of Kingsbridge Capital, it is 'one of the best brand names in the world'. But despite its cult status, turnover has dropped by 25 per cent since 2002 to just 123m. Cost-saving programmes have been launched, but it was only a matter of time before competition from cheaper Asian toymakers took its toll. Max Hohenberg, spokesman for Kingsbridge - a subsidiary of Hardt Group - said: 'Marklin had unfortunately slept through a changing market. They were on the back foot and did not adapt to new trends.' He said Kingsbridge's growth plan included international expansion, online sales opportunities and price reductions for consumers. But the big question haunting Marklin is whether reducing premium costs in order to boost sales will affect the quality of its beautifully crafted model trains.

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